Foundation problems—no matter how big or small— can affect your home, comfort, and safety. So when you start to notice warning signs of damage, it’s best to take action immediately. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.


Identify the signs 

Some signs of damage are obvious, while others are not. For example, you may not notice hairline cracks along your floors at first. But when they start to get bigger and longer, then you’ll know it’s time to call a professional.

Try walking around your home and inspect its interiors and exteriors. It’s also helpful to document the things you notice over a period of time so you’ll have additional notes for when the time for repairs comes.


Call the professionals 

If you’re not sure what to do and the structural issue seems to be getting worse, it’s best to call the professionals to help you determine the problem and its source. SSR offers a free estimate service for our clients in the Greater Charlotte area.


Get a home estimate

During the inspection, experts will investigate the signs of damage you’ve reported, as well as other parts of your home that may be affected by the structural issue. For example, if your foundation is damaged and is causing cracks around your home, it may also affect your plumbing, chimney, basement, crawlspace, etc.

We can also help you detect the source of your foundation damage. It may be problems with your drainage system, construction flaws, or even tree roots and invasive landscaping.

We know homeowners often hesitate to have their homes inspected. But SSR’s is free, so you’ll get reliable advice & estimates without paying for anything. 

You may also wonder about the scope of the damage, the costs, the estimated duration of the repairs, and more. Our experts are friendly and dependable, so you can expect them to answer your questions and concerns even before the repairs start.


Obtain a structural engineer’s report 

Most cities in North Carolina require reports from structural engineers before allowing major repairs and renovations. This can provide you with additional insight into the structural integrity of your home.

At SSR, we even help our clients by recommending reliable structural engineers that we’ve worked with before. When the engineer declares your home and renovation plans safe, our experts can help you with repairs and home improvement.


Observe the repairs 

There are various factors that can affect the duration, cost, and method of repairs, such as the nature and severity of the damage, your location, your home’s design, age, etc.

Whether you’re working with SSR or other repair specialists, always make sure to stay updated with the process of repairs. It’s your home, after all. You have the right to ask for updates, request reasonable changes, and learn more about the company you’re working with.

With SSR, you’ll get excellent services from the moment you contact us until we finish your repairs. Our professionals deliver reliable results and are transparent and helpful every step of the way.


Post repair maintenance

We also help homeowners even after the repairs. Maintaining your foundation & preventing damage as much as you can can be tricky. Aside from these helpful tips from our previous blog post, you can also ask for assistance by submitting a contact form or calling 980-250-2711.

We won’t let foundation damage compromise your comfort and safety. Take the first step to protect your home today. Get a free estimate from SSR or call 980-250-2711.