If you follow us on social media or have read our blog, you’ll know that there are a number of factors that contribute to foundation damage.

And unfortunately, even newly built homes aren’t safe from possible foundation issues. Certain construction flaws can also cause foundation problems in the future!

Here are a few examples:


Too dry or too wet concrete

Moisture can play a big role in damaging your foundation. And it can come from poorly cured concrete.

Concrete that doesn’t have enough moisture or is too dry is more prone to cracking. The same can be the case for too-wet concrete, especially during freezing weather as the water inside the concrete expands.


Uneven slabs

Uneven concrete slabs can also cause problems. If your slabs were laid unevenly or not properly aligned with your foundation, it can cause foundation settling, shifting, and cracking.


Inadequate building materials

When it comes to building your house, you’d want only the best materials to be used— or at least, up-to-code ones. However, while some materials are up to code, they’re not always the best ones to use for your home or location.

Construction workers may have done a great job, but if the materials were not durable, you’re still going to encounter some problems.


Loose or unfitting soil

In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about how uneven soil can affect your foundation’s structural integrity. Having the right type of soil around your foundation is a big deal because it can put pressure and move against your foundation.

Having loose or the wrong type of soil around your foundation can cause it to crack, shift, and more.


Poor landscaping

Aside from soil, the rest of your landscaping can also affect your foundation. For example, trees and plants and their roots can push against your foundation whenever they search for nutrients underground. So it’s also important to keep your landscaping in mind as you plan for your home construction.


While your home is being built, there are certain construction flaws that can put your foundation at risk. Get a free home estimate today. Call 980-250-2711 or visit our contact page.