When it comes to taking care of your home, it’s definitely easier to stay on top of things when you can see what needs to be fixed. But what if you can’t? 

Sadly, you’ll probably end up with damage that’s already too late to prevent.

One of these “silent destroyers” is termites. 

Termites are small social insects that live in colonies. They can chew through wood, often undetected. And by the way, their colonies do not stop eating! So they can easily destroy wooden structures in a small amount of time.

And speaking of structures, can these sneaky termites actually destroy your foundation?

The answer is yes! The severity of damages depends on the type of foundation that supports your home. 

For example, for homes with crawl spaces, their support structures are mostly, if not wholly, made out of wood. And that only means that termites can feast under your house without you knowing it. 

Concrete foundations are a bit more secure, but even then, termites can still be a problem. For one thing, concrete is more susceptible to cracking, providing passage to termites and other insects to get into your house and find food sources. 

Once inside your concrete foundation, they can attack foundation-adjacent components, like floor joists and other structural supports. These are typically made out of wood and destroying them can lead to more cracks in your foundation. 

Even though termites are popularly known as “silent destroyers,” you can usually detect when there’s something wrong with your foundation. These red flags include things like cracks, squeaky and uneven floors, and more.


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